All About Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is one of our most common tree care procedures. It’s especially important that landscape style trees get trimmed regularly. Not only for aesthetics reasons, but also to protect the structural integrity of the tree.

However, this doesn’t mean you should haphazardly put a chainsaw to your tree. All tree surgery services, including trimming, need to be carried out strategically, or you could shorten the life of your tree.

Every branch on a tree exists for a reason. They aren’t there randomly. The branches you can trim are those that are dead or can be sufficiently reduced without affecting healthy branches. 

Obviously, most people disregard the damage being caused to the tree. You shouldn’t disregard the damage though. You will simply reduce the life of your tree if you mistreat it. This will not only result in one less tree on the planet, but also you forking out for tree removal and stump removal. It’s better to just treat your tree correctly in the first place. Go to a professional, like us, and they will more accurately guide you on whether your tree should be trimmed or not.

However… Aesthetics are important. We understand that.

Nobody wants a misshapen, ugly tree. 

Therefore, trimming your trees is all about reducing the tree, keeping it alive, while also making it look great. 

This is a skill in itself and just yet another reason why you wouldn’t want to carry out DIY tree surgery.

The most optimal time to reduce a tree is generally around Winter time.

Your tree is likely to be more withered, branches are dying and you can effectively trim the tree back without many repercussions.

You would want to get it done so that you have a more beautiful tree later in the year. Flowers and fruits grow much easier on a tree that is not full of dead branches. Trimming also allows your tree to survive longer as you reduce the chance of decay and disease spreading throughout your tree.

Counterintuitively, reducing a tree helps it to grow in other seasons. 

Should you want a tree trimming service, our team will be on hand to help.

Give us a call and we can arrange a time for a free quote and to assess the work that needs doing. One of our friendly arborists will come and visit you to provide the site survey and free quotation.

On the day of the trim, we will arrive with the necessary team and equipment.

Following and trimming (obviously carried out safely and to reduce damage caused to your tree!), we will be on hand to remove all debris and waste created in and around your property. 

We always clean up after ourselves, so that’s not a concern. 

But yes, if you suspect your trees need trimming, feel free to get in contact with us.

We can give you our professional opinion as to whether your trees DO need trimming and the best course of action accordingly.

Thanks for reading! 

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