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Serving Cambridge and Cambridgeshire

We provide every kind of hedge service you could ever need! 

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Call us to start discussing your requirements. Now let’s have a look at each hedge service individually… 

Hedge Trimming and Reducing

The Cambridge Tree Surgeons can provide you with any kind of trimming service as you require it.

Be this a one-time trim or an on-going maintenance style trim, let’s see what suits you.

Whether you want to improve the aesthetics of your garden or perhaps stop a hedge being intrusive to property or neighbours, we get the job done quickly and affordably.

We serve the whole of Cambridgeshire. This means Soham, Ely, Cambridge, Newmarket, Isleham, Wicken, Fordham, Burwell and so on. All of the little villages in and around Cambridgeshire… We serve you! 

All you need to do is call us to start a dialogue so we can understand what you need and how we can best help. For example, if you have hedges in your garden that need trimming, you could take a picture or we can come out to visit you to provide a free quotation.

We Serve Cambridge and Nearby Areas

Hedge Removal

Getting rid of any sized hedge is not a problem. Be it a large row of hedges at a commercial business or a small row at your home. We can move quickly and efficiently to get your hedges removed in and around a Cambridge and Cambridgeshire. As will leave your site clear and tidy, ensuring all roots are removed completely.

Hedge Planting 

Our service for hedge planting assists you from start to finish. Initially, call in for a chat to start bouncing ideas across to us.

We can help you decide what you need in order to get your desired outcome. Whether you’re planting hedges for aesthetic purposes or practical purposes – we know the best kinds of hedges and layouts for different end results.

We can also walk you through different kinds of looks, costs and types of hedges to plant. Then, if necessary, we can help you with maintaining your hedges moving forward. 

About the Process
Feel free to call us if you want to get a hedge planted, trimmed or removed. 

From there, we can arrange to meet you and provide you with a free quotation.

More Tree Surgeon Services

Tree Surgeon Services

Looking for trimming, pollarding or dead wooding? We offer every kind of tree service you could possibly need. Check out the page to read more about them. 

Tree Removal

Our tree removal service allows you to get rid of any tree at any kind of property regardless of obstructions. Call us to arrange a free quotation and consultation. 

Stump Removal

Contact us if you have a tree stump to be removed. Whether the stump is old, new, large or small. We can absolutely get it sorted for you.

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