Fast & Affordable Stump Removal

A complete, affordable and professional stump removal service from start to finish. 

Serving Cambridge and Cambridgeshire

Yes, stump removal CAN be fast, affordable and hassle free!

Complete Tree Stump Removal 

Our tree stump removal service is as complete as it gets.

We grind down your stump WITHOUT affecting anything around the stump, completely eradicating it safely and quickly.  

Whether you have a single stump in an easy to access area or multiple stumps in hard to reach areas – we can help.

After removing so many stumps in and around Cambridge, getting rid of yours won’t be a problem either, even if it seems tricky. We’ve seen it all. 

Operating in Cambridge as well as Surrounding Areas

Whether you want your stump ground out to allow space for newer trees; a new turf or layer of grass; to make space for structural change like a building… that’s no problem. Let us know what you are trying to achieve we will act accordingly. 

To fill the hole created, we can use the grindings.

All excess waste will then be transported away from your property for a clean finish.  

About the Process
The easiest thing to do is to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We would love to visit you and talk about how best to go about solving your problem. 

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Want to ask our Cambridgeshire Team a question?! Email us!

We’ve answered some just here. But anything else you want to ask us? Just call or email in. We’d love to be of assistance.
Will the stump grow back after you removed it?

In short, no. Most trees will not be able to grow back after having the stump and root below completely removed. However, trees like willow can grow back from from the remnants of the roof plate. To counter this, we place a poison into the root to make sure the tree will not grow back, guaranteed 

How long does it take to grind a tree stump?

A small tree stump can take a matter of minutes to grind away. However, a large beech tree would take a whole longer, as in, hours and hours. The hardness of the wood and the length the stump has been there affects the length of the grinding. Then there is the aftercare work to consider, like filling the hole and clearing the site. 

How much does it cost to grind a tree stump?

Our prices vary between £100 – £2,000 depending on the amount of stumps you have, how large they are and how long the stump has been dead for. 

Do you remove honey fungus from trees?

Yes we do. We included honey fungus here because in order to remove honey fungus, the whole tree or hedge has to be removed. The area around the stump also has to be poisoned to stop the fungus from regrowing. To identify honey fungus, look out for the small fungi that grow in groups together.  

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