You may have heard the term ‘trees are the earth’s lungs’ before and wondered what it meant. Trees play an essential role in converting carbon dioxide into clean, breathable oxygen. They also help keep the planet cool and prevent global warming. These are very important functions to sustain all living things. In order to have great air quality, trees need to be preserved and cared for. This is where tree surgery Cambridge comes in.

What is tree surgery?

Tree surgery is performed by a tree surgeon or arborist. They are licensed professionals who specialise in repairing damaged trees, treating diseased trees, and other practices that centre around maintaining a tree’s health. They also tend to shrubs and hedges. Tree surgery is basically using certain methods to preserve and maintain a tree, to keep it healthy and maintain its appearance. This is especially useful for enabling very old, historic trees to keep on thriving. 

Why is tree surgery important?

Apart from providing purified air for us to breathe, trees are also homes for birds and other wild life. Preserving a tree’s life also preserves the lives of many other creatures and promotes a thriving ecosystem. If you have trees on your property whether residential or commercial you may want to call a tree surgeon to perform one or more of the following procedures:

  • Pruning
  • Crown lifting
  • Crown thinning
  • Crown reduction
  • Pollarding
  • Hedge Management
  • Disease Treatment
  • Stump removal
  • Planting

These procedures also improve the aesthetics of the tree, keeps it neat, healthy and pleasing to look at. This reflects well on your property and maintains a well-kept and manicured look. Instead of cutting down a tree, you may simply need to have it pruned, shaped or treated for diseases. Tree surgery is also important because the regular maintenance of trees on your property has a wide range of benefits. 

These benefits include protecting your house. Trees that are close to your home tend to spread their branches which can damage your roof, break off in a storm and cause damage or grow up into power lines and become a hazard. Tree surgery can control the way the tree grows and prevent the branches from spreading wildly or growing too tall. 

Additionally, low lying branches or dead, damaged branches can also provide a hazard because people can walk into them or get injured by falling debris. To prevent this from occurring, especially on a commercial property, a tree surgeon can safely remove parts of the tree that pose a threat to safety.  

Trees are important to the survival of many small animals such as birds and squirrels. They also provide shade from the glaring rays of the sun and keep your premises cool. Taking care of trees, takes care of nature and not only do they look picturesque but they supply clean air to breathe. Call a tree surgeon or arborist today to whip your property’s trees back into shape and keep them growing strong for many years to come. 

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