Hi Tree Surgeons!

Today I want to talk about Local SEO. Local SEO is a great way to get more leads for your business!

With excellent tree surgeon Cambridge reviews behind us – and lots of out work coming from Google, we feel confident giving you this advice!

As we know, many customers find us through google. So let’s look at some ways we can manipulate the search engine to help us be seen by more local searchers!

1. Local Google My Business

Every arborist company should have their own Google My Business listing. It’s free!

Just go to this link: https://www.google.com/business/

Google My Business (GMB) is great. It’s a totally unique part of Local SEO and allows us to rank through things like proximity. 

If somebody near us searches for a tree surgery, there’s a good chance you will appear!

This means we don’t have to invest into marketing and can get leads simply by being near to people! Easy!

After making your Google My Business, take the following actions.

– Hide your address and set your working radius to the areas you operate in

– Try and fill out all the options Google gives you. This includes opening date, filling out your tree surgery services, any products you have etc.

– We want to give Google as much information as possible to identify we are excellent, well reviewed local tree surgeons.

– The less accurate or well thought out information we give Google, the lower our chance at ranking for valuable local keywords

– Have a complete NAP. Make sure to have a complete and localised name, address and phone number on your GMB. This means using a localised landline, as well as a localised name and address.

– You can also use Google posts to write about your experiences offering tree services. Then use the call to action function in the post button to link back to your website! 

– Another little trick you can do is add the name of your primary city at the end of your GMB name. For example, we operate in Cambridge and made sure to have that word in our name to increase relevancy! 

2. Structure Your Tree Content

I see lots of tree surgeons creating one single service page and cramming it full of their tree services. While this can work, it would be better if you separated your pages and made it easier for google to understand what you do.

So, instead of your entire businesses offer being displayed like this:


It should look like this: 





Many of these services get searched into Google in your local area all the time. By separating your pages, you’re clearly communicating to Google the different services you provide. Then, Google can rank your specific service page for that keyword! 

You can then write content about these different topics in separate blog articles and link to them to add further relevance. This will prove to google that you are the local authority on the topic. This will make Google want to rank you higher than the competition, because you show greater expertise and knowledge at the topic! 

3. Local Links

Virtually the most important ranking factor in SEO is still links. A link is hard to manipulate, so it’s one of the main ranking factors Google considers when deciding the strength of a website. 

This means we should take links extremely seriously for our entire business model, not just for the sake of SEO. Ranking higher in Google for all of our keywords because our website is stronger will continue to pay us dividends in the future.

We can’t simply steal a link from someone else. They have to knowingly link to us. This means we need to give them a reason to link to us.

The easiest way to get links is by getting them from family, friends, suppliers and partners. You should have at least a few of these people who can send a link to your website.

Link from the homepage as it’s the most powerful page, generally. 

Generally, the more local and niche relevant the other website is the better. 

You can also get a link back from local directories. Go for directories that are either in your area or are specific to tradesman or tree surgery. 

While I wouldn’t spam these to death, I would do some digging to see how many directories the competitors are listed in and reverse engineer the top competitors. 

Who’s ranking for the best tree surgeon keywords in the area? 

The best keywords are generally goig to be:

[service] [location] keywords.

This means something like tree surgeon in [city].

Or tree removal Cambridge – for example.

So I’d find these companies, see their directory and citation strategy, then try and copy and improve it. Get a similar amount of citations/directory listings – then get more local + niche relevant results than them! 

4. More Tree Content!

Remember how we spoke about structuring our content logically?

Well, we should be making lots of content!

Like I said, becoming the topical authority in our area is the goal. The more we can write about our topic and internally link our topics together logically – the more Google will believe we are the best local tree surgery company. 

Look for topics online that people are interested in related to tree surgery. You can even look on sites like Reddit and YouTube. 

For Reddit searches, have a look at what people in your area are writing about and if anything to do with being an arborist comes up. If you find something to write about, you could even post the article in the Reddit group 

Check the impressions of blog articles you write and see which get found on your Google Search Console and write more about these topics!

I think the sweet spot is once a week and articles that are 500-1500 words long.

5. Internal linking & anchor text

A strong part of any local website is its internal linking. 

Internal linking allows Google Bots to crawl our website and understand it better. By linking relevant content together, we’re showing how our website is a cohesive, topical entity that is all about tree surgery.

If we don’t link any of our pages together, not only will Google assume our content isn’t relevant, but we miss out on powerful anchor text…

Now, let’s look at anchor text and why it’s important… 

When we link to another page on our website, the text we use to create that link (anchor text) is very important.

We can afford to be very aggressive with our keyword anchors, which communicate to Google what that page is all about. As such, we should use keyword anchor texts and point these towards pages that are trying to rank for specific keywords.

For example, if we were trying to rank for tree removal in Cambridge with our tree removal page…

We can link to that page from a blog article about tree removal with the exact anchor text of “tree removal in Cambridge”!

It’s worth noting here that I wouldn’t link to the same page more than a few times with the same anchor text.

You can mix it up with some variation so that you don’t get penalised for abusing the same keyword anchor text! 

Wrapping up

That’s it for now guys.

Hopefully you’ve picked up a few easy tips to take your local lead generation to the next level.

You can reach out to us if you need any advice and guidance 🙂 

I wrote this in 15 minutes just to get some quick ideas out there!

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