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Our tree removal service is all encompassing. We can remove trees from start to finish, safely and affordably. What more could you want? We operate in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire.

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Fast, Affordable Tree Removal

Our tree removal service will ensure the following result. All trees you want to be removed will be removed and unable to grow back. This means grinding out and removing the stump, too. All works will he carried out safely in line with the latest safety standards and we are fully insured to work in and around your properties, for your peace of mind. All rubbish, debris and dirt will he cleared of. 

So when you call us in, you will have a tree there. Be it on a commercial premises or at your home. When we finally complete the job, your property will be the exact same (as clean if not cleaner), simply without the tree there any longer.

Whether it’s a straight forward felling into a large garden space or a complex dismantlement around your home, garden sheds etc. – we can adapt accordingly. Accordingly, we offer a complete tree removal service from start to finish. 

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Although we pride ourselves on excellent workmanship, we understand that tree surgeon services would be viewed as a commodity. Our prices are very competitive as a result. However, you can rest assured that we don’t cut corners when it comes to our, yours or your property’s safety. That is number one for us, followed by ensuring a clean removal and a tidy finish at the end. 

Please get in touch for any kind of tree removal. You might be a homeowner, a business owner or perhaps working in public services. We can undoubtedly offer you one of the best services in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire and would love to visit you and provide you with a free site visit. From there we’ll give you a range of options for you to decide from. 

Some other areas in Cambridgeshire we operate in are: Soham, Ely, Newmarket, Wicken, Burwell and Fordham. 

About this Process
Just give us a call and tell us about what your issue is so we can start advising you on the next best steps to get your tree removed!

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Got Questions for the Cambridge Team?!

We’re always happy to help you with any issues. Just give us a call or drop us a message.
How much does tree removal cost?

Tree removal cost can be £75 all the way through to £1,800 depending on the quantity and type of trees. The average order we have is in the region of £500 for 1/2 large trees. Footage of the height makes up a lot of the price. The taller the tree, the more work and risk involved. For example, a 60 feet tree would have to be dissected into multiple sections to eventually bring down. Whereas a small tree below 30 feet would be a lot easier and therefore the price would be lower. 

Your best bet is to try in touch with us so WR can figure out a really competitive quote for you. No matter what kind of tree you have, in any setting, we’ll be able to get rid of it for you! 

Do you remove every kind of tree?
Absolutely. There isn’t a tree found in the UK that we can’t remove. Get in touch to discuss your requirements! 
Should I consider DIY tree removal?
Our advice would be to call in the professionals and not risk injuring yourself or your property. MAYBE if the tree is very small and you don’t have to climb a ladder, perhaps you could consider it, but we would still not advise this.
I have a large tree next to a Summer house. Can you help?
Bringing down a tree is not as simple as sawing it from the bottom and letting it fall. We bring down your tree in a controlled manor. This means using felling wedges, wearing the correct safety gear, estimating the felling zone, sizing up your tree and bringing it down as a team, safely.
Do you sell firewood?
Yes! As we cut down so many trees, we have a whole lot of firewood. This is essentially from bringing down a tree, then sawing the pieces of wood into smaller chunks so people can purchase large amounts of fire wood from us. Just get in touch! 

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