Hey everyone, today I want to talk about the skills that every local arborist should know. Especially a local tree surgeon Cambridge – something we pride ourselves in being!

In order to become a skilled, respected local arborist – one must put in the required action, study and dedication. Tree surgery isn’t actually that old of a trade. John Davey legitimated the trade at the turn of the century when he took the appreciation of trees and arboriculture to a whole different planet. 

These days, fortunately, hopeful tree surgeons can take designated classes and courses to funnel them through this career path. However, that’s not to say you can’t own your own company. Many people in this industry have a small business with a small team. That’s what is fun about the trades – you can make some really great teams without having to worry about tons of bureaucracy. We work together well, so let’s work together!

Fortunately our team of tree surgeons are experts in their field and can help you with any queries or projects you need helping with.

Tree surgery is no laughing matter though. It is incredibly dangerous and one will have to take their studying and learning seriously to make it work in this trade. The learned tree surgeon is a specialist with the “why”.

“Why must this tree be felled?” “Why must this branch be removed?” “Why should a simple DIY tree surgeon avoid this job?” And so on. Becoming a skilled surgeon means knowing the why behind your actions, not just how to carry them out.

Tree surgeons commonly use a range of skills and services in their day to day life. We’ve created a little list here to go over them:

Tree Removal

Removing a tree is simple. We remove the trunk so the tree falls to the ground, to then be cut up into smaller pieces and moved away. Normally, you would call us for a tree removal job when your tree poses a threat of danger. This could mean to people or for valuable property in and around the tree. For instance, a tree might be growing into some pipes or too close to glass on a building. The best thing to do might be to remove some branches, or simply remove the whole tree. 

You’d also want to eventually fell your tree if it is old. As parts of the tree die, it loses its structural integrity and becomes susceptible to simply falling itself. Call us, skilled, local professionals who can bring the tree down in a fast and safe manor. We will ensure the safety of the people and buildings around the tree for a clean process. From there, we can break down the trunk and branches into firewood and wood chip. Both of these can be recycled by us and other partners around Cambridge! 

Tree Pruning 

Pruning is essentially the shaping of the tree in question. More than just trimming, it is used to strategically remove parts of the tree to encourage growth in other directions. Pruning is often used for newer hedges to support an evenly distributes range of branches and healthy shape. 

We can also prune your trees if they are diseased. If parts of your tree are infected, we can identify and remove them. The idea is to stop the other parts of the tree from also being infected. Sometimes, infection can be so prominent that you should just get rid of the tree. As ever, we will help you to make this decision. 

Crown lifting  

Crown lifting is one of those skills that can’t just be learnt overnight. Crown lifting largely involves removing the lower branches of a tree. You would lift the crown of a tree to remove blockades, take up unnecessary space and to allow more sunlight into an area. There is a science to lifting a crown. If you’ve read up to this point and are now half way to the shed to get a pair of clippers – you should stop!

If you start chopping at the tree, you can overly damage the tree and risk the beginning and spreading of decay. Cut your tree properly in order to ensure the tree stays and grows healthily. 

Growth patterns are a consideration when crown lifting. Although crown lifting can be used to cause less problems – it’s also great for allowing a tree to grow evenly. If a tree is allowed to grow at its own accord, branches could become unbalanced and risk the tree becoming a hazard. 

So those are just a few different services we’re using on a day to day basis. As you can see, tree surgery isn’t about going in there gung-ho and letting loose with a chainsaw. On the contrary, it’s about being a skilled tradesman, being safe and getting the best result for the customer possible. 

For an exact dictionary definition of tree surgery – click on that link!

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