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We offer crown lifting, reduction, thinning, pollarding, planting and dead wooding. See more below!

Serving Cambridge and Cambridgeshire

We offer all tree surgeon services across the entierity of Cambridgeshire
All the Tree Surgeon Services You Need…

In addition to tree removal, we offer the following tree services. Everything you could need! 

Crown Lifting 

Crown lifting involves getting rid of the low branches of your tree. You would do this to create space underneath your tree. This might be because you can no longer walk through the space or the branches are protruding over a walk way. The council are often lifting crowns to create space on public footpaths. 

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction reduces the overall volume and radius of a tree. You would get your crown reduces for aesthetic and practical reasons. Much like lifting, branches may have become intrusive and therefore need reducing. Or, they may have become misshapen and ugly and therefore need returning to a lovely shape again. Reducing the tree also means more natural light can pass through onto your property or premises. 


Call us in for a pollarding service to remove all branches on a tree which leaves your tree looking simply like a structural frame. We can then prune your tree back to what’s known as pollard heads in yearly cycles, especially for younger trees. Some older trees like willows can be pollarded due to the way the tree grows back. 

Serving Cambridge and Surrounding Areas

Crown Thinning 

Crown thinning involves removing whole portions of branches as opposed to trimming them to reduce in size. This creates a more even and pleasant branch structure. The overall shape or built-up size of the tree but let’s light and wind to pass through it more freely. Also, the weight will be reduced, which is useful in a fairly of instances.  

Tree Planting 

You can speak to us about tree planting for advice, recommendations and getting new trees planted. 

Firstly. Advice? Many of our customers don’t know exactly how to achieve the effect they are going for. So, we can go over your options together. It might be that you want to bring a more natural feeling into your garden or perhaps add some colour and brighten it up a bit. Or we can help you select the right tree for a commemoration or a special event.  

Dead Wooding

Dead wooding involves removing all of the dead wood found throughout the tree. You would usually do this it branches and parts of the tree are blowing out in the wind and are posing a safety threat. Sometimes it’s a good idea to leave your dead wood in the interest of wildlife and creatures living in it. But if your tree is becoming particularly dangerous, it’s a good idea to get rid of.


About our Process in Cambridge
Just get in contact and tell us about what you need so we can start advising you on the next best steps to get your problems solved.

More Tree Surgeon Services

Tree Stump Removal

Have tree stumps that needs getting rid of? We can get rid of it, remove the root, fill the gap and clean the site up after. Call us to find out more.

Hedge Services

Our hedge services are all encompassing. There isn’t a hedge service we don’t provide. Get in touch for a free quote for anything hedge related!

Tree Removal

We can completely remove any kind of tree for you and make sure the remnants are removed and taken care of. The site will also be left immaculately. 

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Who will you work for?

We are happy to work for the public, commercial and the government in providing the necessary tree services we all need! 

Which areas of Cambridgeshire do you cover?

We cover the whole lot! This includes areas like Soham, Burwell, Ely Newmarket and of course, Cambridge city centre itself. 

How do your prices compare to the competition?

Our prices are very competitive because we understand the commodity aspect of what we do. Sure, we believe our skills and safety measures are unrivalled, but the end result is usually the same. What you do get with us is peace of mind and high levels of workmanship. Services will be carried out to perfection (e.g. trimming will look good, we don’t damage trees, we understand trees), your site will be left clean and clear and you always get the desired final outcome… affordably! 

Is there a tree service you don't offer?

Not really! Well, not that we know about, at least. For ANY kind of tree or hedge service, we have the team, experience and knowledge to help you out. 

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